A starting point for your next design project

Design System for
Sketch 54+

Interface Starter Kit

The set is built on the principles of the atomic design system. Thanks to pre-prepared guides and symbol structure, it helps you to create projects as quickly as possible. And with the help of well-designed styles, you can easily customize the pack for your project

Base icon pack
Premade grids
Auto-updating styles
Symbol system

Starter Kit

Basic illustration pack for design system. We used styles for illustrations too, so you can easily customize all the illustrations at once to your style. The illustrations could be easily changed and combined into new compositions, thanks to separated items, characters, and backgrounds.

Premade Scenes
Updating styles
Symbol system

Starter Kit

Skeletons give your users the illusion of speed, and as a bonus, we also added the basic set of skeletons to the pack. By changing the primary UI colors and updating styles, skeleton screens will be updated too, which means that you will always have an actual looking version

Base skeleton pack
Updating styles

Designed to help you work more efficiently

Sketch File
Premade Grids
Start with grids. We prepared 13 grids for different needs, including bootstrap and dashboards
Easily Update Styles
Customize the whole system in a few clicks, thanks to well structured customized text styles and layer styles
Resizing Constraints
Each element and component is resizable. This makes it possible quickly and easily build an app or website
Symbol Library
Convenient system of nested symbols and overrides. Each element is structured and clearly named
We have put a lot of effort into creating a convenient unified system that would be easy to use

Beautiful, modern and clean user interfaces

Purchase once and use forever:

UI Starter Kit

For Sketch 54+

UI elements and Components

Basic Design System. Choose this option if you
don’t need illustration and skeleton kit

Buy for $27

Design Starter Kit

For Sketch 54+

UI Starter Kit

Illustration Starter Kit

Skeleton Starter Kit

Buy for $39

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